The Cultural Studies Association of Australasia Postgraduate Members Blog is aimed at providing a platform for postgraduate researchers to connect & discuss, share & find, complain & praise. We hope to provide thought-provoking, practical and exciting information for postgrads in the field of cultural studies in all its variation. In connection with the CSAA Postgrad Members Facebook Site we hope to help you create, share and find out about relevant events such as reading and writing groups, seminars, forums and conferences, discussion groups, and other initiatives in your area of interest. Moreover, this is your chance to share your work and ideas. We would love to hear your essential insights, invaluable rants, critical suggestions and visionary theories on what it means to be writing, thinking and teaching in cultural studies.

Send us your conference abstracts, information on events, conferences, forums and postgrad reading or writing groups at your university to csaa4u@mail.com and write POSTGRAD NEWS in the subject line.