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Univeristy of Melbourne CCGC Seminars: Friday 8 March, Leah Caluzzi

The Culture and Communication Graduate Committee at the University of Melbourne continue this year’s Friday Seminar Series of graduate presentations on Friday 8th March, starting at 4pm in Room 106 of the John Medley Building. Staff and graduate students are welcome. The details of the talks are as follows:

Title: ‘Lesbian Community and The L Word‘ by Leah Caluzzi

Date: Friday 8 March

Location: Room 106, John Medley Building, West Tower, University of Melbourne, Parkville

Abstract: In this paper I will be interrogating the ways in which seminal television series The L Word is engaged with and utilised by the Melbourne lesbian community. The program holds a significant place within academic discourse, discussed as one of the most substantial televisual texts to depict lesbianism. My research will explore the relationship between text and lesbian audience, examining concepts of lesbian spectatorship and media influence through an empirical qualitative study. Identifying community trends such as argot, sartorial identification and concepts surrounding ‘coming out’, my aim is to provide an audience based analysis of the significance of this text.

Biography:  I am currently completing my MA project ‘What Are We Watching?: The L Word, lesbian community and moving images’, which will comprise of a qualitative empirical study of the impact, consumption and utility of television program The L Word amongst the lesbian community of Melbourne.

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