CFP: 10th International Somatechnics Conference – Technicity, Temporality, Embodiment

Byron Bay, NSW

1-3 December 2016

CFP Deadline: 15 April 2016

Following recent conferences in Linköping (2013), Otago (2014) and Tucson (2015), we are pleased to announce that the tenth International Somatechnics Conference will be held in Byron Bay, from Dec 1-3 2016. The conference is co-hosted by the University of Queensland and Southern Cross University, with the support of the ARC’s Centre of Excellence for the History of Emotions.

The term “somatechnics” was coined in 2003, as a new means by which to conceptualise the relationship between bodies and technē (craftsmanship). As Sullivan argues: ”techné is not something we add or apply to the already constituted body (as object), nor is it a tool that the embodied self employs to its own ends. Rather, technés are the dynamic means in and through which corporealities are crafted” (TSQ 2014).

This conference is intended to extend this focus on bodily techniques and embodied technologies to engage with recent work in feminist, queer and trans historiography, as well as critical theories of time. Time and critical investigations of past, present and future technologies have been important concerns in studies of embodiment from its inception, but recently it has received a more central position. Studies of the historical construction of gender, embodied memory, as well as various durational approaches to materiality have all made technicity and temporality primary conditions of corporeality. The differences and similarities between these conceptions of time and technology require further investigation.

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