The Cultural Studies Association of Australasia is the peak Cultural Studies organisation representing the region. The CSAA actively works to promote and develop Cultural Studies teaching, research and related scholarship, as well as provide advice and leadership on Cultural Studies related matters to community, industry and government.

Within this spectrum of promotion, engagement and advocacy, the Objectives of the CSAA are:

  • To promote and develop the teaching and scholarship of Cultural Studies in Australasia.
  • To promote and develop research in Cultural Studies in Australasia.
  • To actively advocate for Cultural Studies as a discipline of study in university, industry and government forums.
  • To foster and develop networks of scholars engaged in Cultural Studies.
  • To mentor and provide support to students of Cultural Studies.
  • To deliver public events, including an annual conference, showcasing the work of the Association and its members.
  • To represent Cultural Studies in media and other public forums.
  • To be a national voice on cultural issues.
  • To promote links with other international Cultural Studies organisations and associations overseas.
  • To do all things necessary and expedient for the proper, full and effectual carrying out of all of the objects of the Association.
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