Presenting the 31st CSAA annual conference – ‘Culture in Practice’

Creative People, Products and Places Research Centre (CP3),  

University of South Australia (City West Campus), Tarntanya/Adelaide 

December 6-8, 2023  

Pre-Fix, December 5 

Now more than ever ‘culture’ is a contested site of exclusion and possibility. The present realities of climate crisis, increasing inequality, multiplying communities of hate, in addition to growing geo-political insecurity demand cultural as well as political, social, and economic responses. This year’s CSAA annual conference seeks to explore how we can create an open and inclusive cultural space for collaboration in a country like Australia where sovereignty of the First Nations peoples has never been ceded. How do we de-colonise culture? How do we re-create it?  

Cultural studies aims for inclusivity. During this face-to-face gathering, we are keen to explore how cultural studies and allied disciplinary fields might examine the potential of culture in practice to shed new light on local and global problems. How can we create an open and inclusive cultural space when First Nations scholars remain few in a ‘white’ academy, where precarity and job insecurity remain endemic, where the lingua franca remains English and where discourses and practices continue to push to the margins cultural ideas, practices and ontologies that challenge various forms of normativity? We invite you to re-imagine with us how cultural studies concepts and activities can work pragmatically, that is, tailored to the contours of these issues. 

We welcome First Nations scholars and scholars from diverse and subaltern groups, as well as HDR and ECR participation. 

While the conference will be configured largely around a traditional presentation format, we welcome the chance to explore the possibility of including other formats (including but not limited to the presentation of NTROs) with potential conference contributors.  

We therefore invite papers that address the following concerns, as well as general presentations: 

– Culture in/as Practice 

– Culture in/as Action/Activism 

– Cultural Policy 

– Cultural Studies and Practice-based Research 

– Everyday Cultures 

– Mediated Practices, Representation and Screened Words 

– Material Cultures and Practices 

– Intersectionality and Culture in Practice 

– Culture in the Community 

– Cultural Practice in Place 

– Cultural Safety 

– Culture as Power 

– Ecologies of Practices 

– Interacting/Learning/Knowing Through Cultural Engagement 

– Community-Engaged Cultural Studies 

– Cultural Research Methods 

– You doing your cultural studies, whatever that may be ……. 

Organising committee 

Susan Luckman 

Prudence Black 

Lia Bryant 

Rupa Ghosh 

Kasia Jaworski 

Brydie Kosmina 

Stephen Muecke 

Jess Pacella 

Stuart Richards 

Rosie Roberts 

Jon Stratton 


Conference Website:  

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