Advanced Cultural Studies Institute of Sweden

ACSIS is a national centre for interdisciplinary cultural research, based at Campus Norrköping of Linköping University and with its own national board. It strives to strengthen this research field by building bridges between universities, disciplines and perspectives, as a co-ordinating and promoting resource for Swedish cultural researchers and a link to the transnational field of cultural studies. Activities include visiting fellows, research projects, seminars, conferences, doctoral courses, publications and other forms of information and networking.

Center for 21st Century Studies (University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee)

This is a postdoctoral research institute which fosters cross-disciplinary research in the humanities. It is devoted to the study of contemporary culture (with an emphasis on literature, the experimental arts and film, mass culture, performance, and everyday life) and the new critical and theoretical approaches themselves (feminism, media theory, multiculturalism, postcolonialism, cultural and social theory, and gay and lesbian theory).

Center for Digital Discourse and Culture (Virginia Tech)

The CDDC provides a digital point-of-publication for new forms of scholarly communication, academic research and cultural analysis.

Center for Globalization and Policy Research (University of California, Los Angeles)

The Center emerged in response to the growing need for informed research and debate on all aspects of globalization, and, in particular, on the many difficult policy questions that are being raised as globalization runs its course.

Center for Ideas and Society (University of California, Riverside)

The Center’s mission is to foster collaborative and interdisciplinary research, pedagogy and creative production, and is distinguished by its emphasis on intellectual history and the exploration of the social context of ideas, artefacts and events.

Center for the Humanities: CUNY

The Center for the Humanities sponsors interdisciplinary programs in the humanities, social sciences, and the arts, including faculty seminars, public lectures, conferences, readings, and discussion groups. In addition to CUNY students and faculty, participants include distinguished scholars, journalists, creative artists, civic leaders, and public officials.

Centre for Latin American Cultural Studies

The Centre for Latin American Cultural Studies is a cross-School Research Centre. From its inception, it has combined strengths in Languages, Linguistics and Cultures and the Social Sciences, and is now fostering research collaboration with other disciplines such as Arts, Histories & Culture, and Environment & Development.

Centre on Migration, Policy, and Society (Oxford)

The mission of COMPAS at the University of Oxford is to provide a strategic, integrated approach to understanding contemporary and future migration dynamics across sending areas and receiving contexts in the UK and EU.

Cultures and Communities Program (University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee)

The emphasis of the C&C program includes diversity and crosscultural literacy, community engagement, global perspectives, science and society, innovative pedagogy, service learning and interdisciplinarity.

Davis Humanities Institute (University of California, Davis)

The DHI is an interdisciplinary research centre which supports a large number of programs and is designed to foster the further development of the humanities at UC Davis.

Goldsmiths College Centre for Cultural Studies

The Goldsmiths Centre at the University of London incorporates theoretical and practical explorations in technological media and cultural difference in the geo-political context of global capitalism.

Humanities Research Center (Rice University)

The CSC exists to promote the study of cultures across time and around the world, both as unique examples of human behaviour and creativity and as interconnected phenomena that can illuminate one another.

Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies

The Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies is an associated institution of Oxford University. Its primary purpose is to promote a more informed understanding of Islam and the Islamic world by means of research and advanced study. The Centre encourages multidisciplinary studies and its academic focus is not restricted to any one discipline or world region. The centre offers a range of fellowships, which are detailed on its website.

Robert Penn Warren Center for the Humanities (Vanderbilt University)

This center promotes interdisciplinary research and study in the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. It is designed to intensify and increase interdisciplinary discussion of academic, social, and cultural issues.

Stanford Humanities Center

Promotes humanistic research and education, through residential fellowships, public presentations, lectures, colloquia, conferences and publications, interdisciplinary explorations, and discussion of fundamental issues in the humanities.

Sussex Centre for Cultural Studies

Formed in 2006, the Centre is a new site for consolidating the current and historical work that has been long-established at the University since its inception 40 years ago. Cultural Studies at Sussex has enjoyed an international reputation for decades, and we recently decided to formalise our research in a centre in order to work more effectively with each other in a supportive, collegiate environment.

The Consortium of Humanities Centers and Institutes

An international consortium of humanities research centres and institutes. Includes a searchable directory.

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