Call for films and papers: Sightlines: Filmmaking in the Academy (Melbourne)

The Centre for Communication, Politics and Culture at RMIT University, with the support of ASPERA (the Australian Screen Production Education & Research Association), is pleased to announce the second Sightlines festival to be held on 28 & 29 November 2016. This event is part film festival and part conference.  It has two main purposes: to showcase the full range of filmmaking that occurs in the university sector; and to contribute to the development of screen production as an academic research discipline. These two intentions inform how the event is structured, with the focus on screenings and conversations with academic/practitioners.

The inaugural Sightlines in 2014 demonstrated the clear need for an event that highlighted the quality and diversity of creative screen-based works produced in the higher education sector.  In
2014, the focus was on showcasing work suitable for cinema exhibition and included documentaries, dramas, essay and experimental films, both short and feature length.  In 2016 we would like to expand this scope to also include work by those exploring other screen-based practices, such as online, interactive and non-linear productions.  People doing research in screenwriting are also welcome to submit proposals.

Lightlines 2014 started many conversations.  One of these was around the peer-review and publication of screen works and we have followed that up through the establishment of the online, peer-reviewed Sightlines Journal <> for moving image works.  We will be seeking moving image works for peer-reviewed publication in this journal following the 2016 festival.

This event is designed to showcase films, screenplays and other creative screen-based works made in the context of academic research and explore their significance, through screenings, panels, presentations, roundtable discussions and keynote addresses.

Possible topics include: 

  • How is film and filmmaking in the academy evolving?
  • What new forms of screen production are emerging and in what ways is creative practice research engaging with them?
  • How can screen production be developed as an academic research discipline?
  • On what basis should the peer review of screen production research be conducted?
  • How can creative practice research in screen production be funded or otherwise supported?
  • How should the relationship between screen production in the academy and the broader screen production industries be understood and how can it be usefully developed?

We are calling for papers, panels and presentations that respond to these and other relevant questions.  Most importantly, we are calling for films and other screen works.  Any production made since 2013 as postgraduate research or by an academic staff member is eligible.

Submission guidelines:
Films: Please submit a preview copy via online link with a 300 word research statement that covers research background, contribution and significance.
Papers: Please submit a 300 word abstract outlining your proposed paper, panel or presentation, including name, title and affiliation of each author.

Deadline: Abstracts and previews of films to be submitted by April 30, 2016.

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