Job: Tokyo Visiting Professor of Australian Studies 2018-19 and/or 2019-20

Visiting Professorship in Australian Studies 2018-19 OR 2019-20 Centre for Pacific and American Studies, Institute of Advanced Global Studies, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, University of Tokyo

This senior position will be based in the Centre for Pacific and American Studies (CPAS), part of the Institute of Advanced Global Studies within the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences of the University of Tokyo, and located at the Komaba Campus in inner Tokyo.

Teaching CPAS requires the Visiting Professor to teach three subjects each semester: one subject for first and second year students, one subject for third and fourth year students, and one subject for postgraduate students. Overall, the Visiting Professor will teach six different subjects during their time at the University of Tokyo, divided into three subjects per semester. Please note that:

  • Each class runs for 105 minutes per week.
  • The total contact teaching time per week during semester is 5.25 hours.
  • Class sizes can vary considerably, and are generally much smaller than at Australian universities.
  • The teaching load and assessment is generally much less than standard loads in Australian universities. Japanese students take many subjects each semester, not the 3 or 4 subjects that are standard at Australian universities, and subjects therefore require a shorter time commitment and scope.
  • The administrative demands associated with the subjects are not onerous.

The Visiting Professor is also expected to provide guidance and assistance to undergraduate and postgraduate students upon request.

Research The Visiting Professor is expected to conduct research during their time in Tokyo. In particular, the Visiting Professor is required to present a lecture for CPAS and to publish in the CPAS journal during the course of their stay.

There is also the potential for the Visiting Professor to organise a symposium on an issue of relevance to Australian scholarship at CPAS. An agreement is now in place for the Visiting Professor to submit an article for publication to the Journal of Australian Studies on an aspect of their research at the conclusion of their term at CPAS (see

Promotion of Australian Studies in Japan The Visiting Professor will be expected to develop and expand academic networks across Japan, working with the Australia-Japan Foundation (AJF) and the Australian Studies Association of Japan (ASAJ). This will include promoting the development of institutional links between Japanese institutions (especially in the Tokyo region) as well as institutional and academic relationships between Japan and Australia. The AJF actively supports the study of Australia in Japan and has for many years provided financial, administrative and other support to the Australian Studies Association of Japan. The ASAJ is a network for teachers of Australian studies in Japan with over 200 members throughout the country covering a broad range of fields of study. The ASAJ provides a solid basis for understanding Japanese approaches to teaching about Australia. In conjunction with both the AJF and ASAJ the Visiting Professor is expected to develop a program of Australian Studies activities, which may include a symposium, workshops, seminars, and some possible contributions to Japanese academic journal(s).

Open to: Australian citizens and permanent residents

Location: Centre for Pacific and American Studies, University of Tokyo, Komaba Campus

Salary: Starting Salary ¥600,000 per month (before tax). See also section 5.

Duration: Approximately 10 months

Commencement of position: Early September 2018 or early September 2019. Applicants may apply for either term or both terms. This must be indicated clearly on your application.

Applications are due 5:00 pm, Friday 29 September 2017

For more information, and to see the selection criteria, see:

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