The Global Undergraduate Awards – seeking judges

The Global Undergraduate Awards (UA) is seeking voluntary Judges, namely in their Social Sciences: Anthropology & Cultural Studies category.

UA is the world’s largest global undergraduate academic awards programme. A non-profit organisation initially founded in Ireland, they discover excellence at the undergraduate level by inviting the world’s best students to submit their coursework. There are 25 award categories, and UA invites experts to assess students’ work in each.

Headed up this year by Returning Chair Dr. Zakaryya Abdel-Hady of Qatar University, Social Sciences: Anthropology & Cultural Studies is an essay-based category which has always received a lot of submissions at UA. In recent years, the category has become increasingly popular among students working in interdisciplinary fields of gender studies, critical race theory, queer theory, cultural studies, migration studies, and disability studies, and therefore it is important that the experience and approaches of panellists reflect this as UA grow the number of Judges on the panel to balance workload. Further information for Judging candidates on the process and how to sign up can be found online here:

Acting as a Judge for UA allows academics to meet colleagues in their panel from all over the world, and it also exposes Judges to some of the best undergraduate student coursework in their field. This exposure can be particularly advantageous for individuals working in academia or intending to work in academia. UA primarily accepts Judges who are professors, lecturers, tutorial assistants, PhD candidates, and professional experts outside of the arena of academia.

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