Petition: A charter to guide Ministerial assessment of Australian Research Council recommendations

The Australian education minister has the power to veto Australian Research Council (ARC) recommendations to award research funding. These recommendations are the result of multiple peer reviews and expert assessment.

However, in exercising ministerial discretion, the education minister does not have to abide by any stated code of conduct or adhere to guiding principles. The last two grants that were approved for funding by the ARC but ‘held’ by Alan Tudge were on 1) transforming educational inequality and 2) better understanding humanitarian aid crises. Extensive ARC assessments already deemed these projects as being in the national interest.

The taxpayers of Australia deserve to have an education minister who at least abides by a publicly approved code of conduct when exercising ‘ministerial discretion’ in these situations. Sign to call for a ministerial code of conduct for research approval that can hold our education minister to account.

To sign the petition, please click here.

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